Additional cover for psychological issues

Car accidents, burglary, theft, destruction, disability. Life can fly off the rails from one minute to the next. Knowing about unforeseeable events, the human need for security increases. And insurance companies protect. They take risks in order to meet the need for protection in case of emergency - especially material security.

Not infrequently, however, significant events such as the death of a relative, an accident, theft or destruction of property result in emotional difficulties, profound distress or even psychological crises. The question that inevitably arises is: Who will take care of the victims? Who listens and shows the way out of the crisis with the necessary professionalism?

An example

A cable fire causes a total loss of a house not yet paid off. The person concerned is partially financially insured by homeowner's property insurance. In spite of this financial assistance, the family is in a state of emergency. Not only unique personal objects such as family photos have fallen victim to the fire. Such events can also have serious intrapsychic consequences. Witnessing a fire alone may have traumatic effects and a whole chain of other psychological trigger reactions that need to be appropriately cared for in a professional manner. These can include feelings of hopelessness, fear and sadness. The person concerned, however, is expected to respond, because the taking of organizational steps (e.g. bridging the housing situation, restoration of the building, organization of official documents) for resuming everyday life must be timely.

Counseling on the open market is expensive. In particular, the affected person is lacking a simple means of access to qualified advice in crisis situations which is available at all times and may be used in self-selected intervals free of cost.

Our services create genuine added value

For this reason, OTHEB has been working together with insurance companies since 2013. As part of a sectorial cover, we offer psychological counselling services and practical support so that your policyholder does not have to cope alone in case of emergency.

OTHEB provides guidance with a complete range of support services.


24/7 psychological counseling by phone, e-mail and chat
On-site counseling sessions with psychologists and coaches from our network
Outreach work



Financial advice from experts
Initial legal assessments
Checklists for the next steps
Substantive support in the organization of everyday life


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The OTHEB products can be freely arranged. They can be marketed directly to the group of your policyholder or integrated into an existing internal settlement system. Contact us! We work together with you to find the right offer for your policyholder.

Exemplary supply concepts from our portfolio:

Your benefits as an insurance company

  • Increase in the range of policyholders in contrast to the competition
  • Image gain due to comprehensive care services
  • Increase in customer loyalty
  • Access to the professional expertise of a multidisciplinary team

Benefits for your policyholder

  • Free psychological counselling at any time day or night in case of damage
  • Free practical support and assistance in the organization of daily life
  • Decision support in difficult phases of life
  • Involvement of relatives regardless of insurance status
  • Low-threshold access to advice due to 24/7 access via phone, e-mail and chat
  • Free access to a wide network of experts
  • Access to our on-site consultant network
  • Comprehensive care in case of illness and crisis situations
  • Relief by external search for vacancies, support services and coordination of all measures