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Better health care structures in the health system are our goal. Mental Health Assistance is how we do it.

The issue

Whether a phenomenon of our accelerated world of work or social change, the fact is that mental disorders are increasing dramatically.

The result of this development are completely overwhelmed psychotherapy practices with patients having to wait an average of 3 months, as reported by the Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists (Bundespsychotherapeutenkammer). In structurally-weak regions, we often see waiting periods of up to one year. In view of the urgency of treatment, this is in no way a satisfactory state.


In addition, the cost of health insurance is considerably rising due to sick leave and therapies, not to mention the cost of discontinuations in psychotherapy. In short, psychological and medical care in specific cases reveals considerable potential for optimization.

What is often needed is the offer insured individuals to get professional assistance at the first signs of a mental illness. There's a lack of individually tailored concepts that can set off a whole chain of treatment, which include counselling and further measures in individual cases. What we lack are quickly accessible and sustainable measures to bridge waiting times or to support untreatable insured individuals psychosocially on an ad hoc basis easily.

There are currently no known prevention concepts and acute support services.


Our answer

Integrate psychosocial counseling and crisis intervention as an additional service!

Obtain psychosocial skills and case management in-house. We reduce your costs and provide efficient care for your policyholders.

The OTHEB mental health services are a response to the current situation in health care concerning psychotherapy and care of policyholders suffering mental strain . Our services for policyholders help immediately and directly. Our ultimate goal is to ensure people with mental illness need-based, high quality care close to home. To this end, we use our core competencies: Our 24/7 counseling services and our strong cooperation network. In addition, we also act as intermediaries and a guide through the health and pension system, because often the concernded parties are overwhelme d by the orgaization and coordination procedures.

The OTHEB Assistance products can be extended and combined. They can be directly marketed to your policyholder group or integrated into an existing internal settlement system. Contact us! We work with you to find the right offer for your policyholder.

We take these structured steps to interlink and coordinate activities:

Survey - case intake & assessment

Planning - agreement on objectives & help in planning

Intervention - implementation & coordination of services

Monitoring - monitoring & optimization

Evaluation - performance assessment & documentation

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Exemplary care concepts from our portfolio

Your benefits as a health insurance company

  • Increase in the range of policyholders in contrast to the competition
  • Reduction in waiting times
  • Reduction in inability to work
  • Sustainable stability of individuals, in order to prevent relapses
  • Expansion of the options of alternative treatments through psychological counseling and coaching
  • Access to the professional expertise of a multidisciplinary team
  • Streamlining of organizational processes due to external case management and feedback

Benefits for your policyholder

  • Prevention of exhaustion, stress and threat of burn-out
  • Support and advice at any time of day or night
  • Easy of access to advice due to access by phone, e-mail and chat
  • Free access to a wide network of experts
  • Access to our on-site consultant network
  • Comprehensive care in the case of illness and crisis situations
  • Assistance with external search for vacancies
  • Support and coordination of all measures
  • Professional support even after the termination of measures