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Crises and mental strain do not adhere to opening times. With the services from OTHEB, professional help is available around the clock. Each day of the year.

Additional services for companies

In addition to Employee Assistance Programs for businesses, OTHEB offers other modules which can be booked individually or as package solutions. Companies with the OTHEB EAP are able to integrate these modules into their EAP as additional modules.



On-site counseling

A company may sometimes require an in-house consultant due to special cultural or structural needs. Whether as part of the EAP or as an individual measure (e.g. facilitation, conflict coaching or mediation) - OTHEB makes this possible.

We are happy to advise you on the appropriate measures for your company and mediate a suitable on-site consultant using our strong German and international network.

Trainings & seminars

We offer trainings, seminars and workshops on the theme of health for your employees.

Company-specific training concepts and seminars directly target priority areas in occupational health management. OTHEB offers basic and advanced training on a broad range of topics and supports internal company measures, in order to further develop the methodological and social skills of your employees.

Expatriate program

The OTHEB Expatriate services support employees and their families who go abroad for a company - practically, mentally and emotionally. OTHEB also cares for your expatriates in Germany.

This service helps employees and their families through the three critical phases of relocation: prior to departure, during relocation and on the return to the country.

Crisis intervention

OTHEB provides "Critical Incident Stress Management" (CISM) for companies in crisis situations. Companies can find themselves in situations where they need to support their workforce by means of crisis intervention.
Crises such as fatal occupational accidents, suicide or natural disasters require specific skills and experience to assist employees and their families, so that serious trauma is avoided.

We offer:

  • Immediate access to experts in crisis situations
  • On-site visits from the OTHEB expert team
  • Support for dealing with extreme emotional stress and traumatic situations
  • Follow-up talks help with the ‚return’ to daily life and clarify the possible need for trauma therapy.

Coaching & mediation

OTHEB develops individual coaching processes for employees in cooperation with the company, for example measures to promote leadership skills.

Team and conflict coaching are successfully initiated and carried out by OTHEB experts. Get to know the coach who fits your corporate culture! We will find him/her together.

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