Our network is where you are

Our face-to-face counseling network

OTHEB GmbH has access to an on-site consultant network of about 850 independant psychotherapists, counselors and coaches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which is constantly checked, maintained and expanded. As the success of such advice is hightly dependent on its quality, it seems self-evident that only the best consultants in their field work for us.

This large face-to-face counseling network enables us to shedule an appointment with a qualified counselor near the clients’ home or work place, within 3 working days.

Permanent Contact

As a customer, you will also benefit from a personal contact person for your needs – we organize the rest.

Our international network

We cooperate with consultancy institutions throughout the world and can provide our counseling services in approximately 120 countries worldwide. The advice is provided within the country by qualified and psychologically trained professionals. OTHEB coordinates cases through the regular exchange of information with the institutions, thus ensuring our high standards of quality.

Excellent social structures must be used...

... provided you know them and know how to use them. Germany benefits from its excellent health care system and from comprehensive social services (for its citizens). Our challenge is to use existing services and institutions and efficiently connect them to offer the client comprehensive support options, in addition to our consultation.

Independently advised

OTHEB GmbH is an independent consulting company and is not economically dependent on other companies. Consequently, we recommend neither products nor services in our consultations.

Our advice is there for you around the clock - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients always receive immediate help, regardless of whether the support is provided via telephone or Chat or eventually requires on-site consultation.

By App

The innovative OTHEB app stands for a further simplification of the contact. In addition to a wide range of information about the service, it offers a chat and gives consultation appointments.

By phone

The unique advantage of telephone access: Support at any time and advice at the client’s own pace. As stress situations do not follow a timetable.


Intensive, focused on-site counseling provides effective, additional support in special situations that require the immediate presence of a direct and sensitive other party. An adviser is always available for the client on the spot, within a short time.

By e-mail

More and more people are discovering the Internet as an easy way to access counseling. All requests for advice may be directly sent by e-mail to our team of counselors and will be answered comprehensively and with equal care.

By chat

Our counselor chat makes direct written exchange in real time possible. Each user receives an exclusive protected chatroom, where he/she can interact directly with an advisor. Also in this regard, we are not bound by business hours and we are there to assist you, around the clock.