"Solution talk creates solutions -

problem talk creates problems."

Steve de Shazer

Counseling is a form of consultation that is based on scientific approaches and conversation techniques. It is a professional relationship that makes individuals, families and groups with diverse backgrounds able to achieve self-set goals in terms of their mental health, their well-being, their relationships, their education and their careers.



Solution-oriented counseling

Our advice focuses on solution-oriented short-term counseling. We also apply elements of behavioral therapy, client-centered conversation, coaching, constructive conflict resolution, non-violent communication and trauma counselling, due to the well-founded training and further training of our counsellors.

In regard to solution- and short-term oriented consultation, the focus is not on problems and their origin, but the possible solutions are taken into consideration. The advice is based on a consulting approach and supports clients based on their own expertise and resouces.

Professional secrecy

Effective counseling is founded on trust. Confidence cannot be communicated - you have to experience confidence. We live from trust in our services and ensure confidentiality as part of the code of conduct, which is accepted by all the counselors at OTHEB. All telephone services can also be obtained without specifying one's name. In regard ot our reports, no information that could lead to disclosure of personal data is given to the company.

OTHEB operates according to strict privacy policies.

Highest quality

In order to guarantee the highest possible quality of our services at all times, the counseling team are accompanied by a team of case managers. This ensures that all consultations receive comprehensive care and attention and have a constantly high level of quality.

Our team is multicultural and offers advice in a wide range of European languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Polish).

This is what also characterizes OTHEB
  • Balance-Scorecard led organizational structure
  • Software-supported case handling
  • Qualified personnel 24/7 from the initial contact
  • Training for all employees
  • Multilingual service on the phone

Qualified counseling staff

Our permanent counseling team consists of qualified professionals from the areas of education and psychology with varying thematic focuses. Focuses include addiction, bereavement, child and youth psychology or burn-out. Clinical counseling is supplemented by a number of experts from the medical, economic, legal and other fields. This is how we find the right counsellor for specific issues and assure counseling through comprehensive professional expertise.

As we follow the principle of lifelong learning, further education, training and the promotion of individual resources are our highest priority.

Risk Assessment

Our counselors are trained to recognize the risks for our clients or for a third party and follow a set procedure when identifying these. Transparency plays an important role in our counseling, which is why OTHEB always involves those seeking advice in our procedures and informs them completely about our risk management system, as far as this is possible in the counseling setting.

Discovery and curiosity

Our well-coordinated team focuses on innovation and creativity. Commitment therefore characterizes our work. Without a certain desire for discovery and curiosity, even the best counselors remain only at a superficial level and cannot progress to find solutions with the expected added value. Genuine and passionate counselors who know their job and exhibit reflectivity and enough experience are required to discover and reactivate hidden resources.

Each person seeking advice deserves our full attention and gets the right contact person. This commitment and responsibility drives us to the desired and optimal results in every case.  

This is what characterizes our consultation
  • No waiting times
  • Strictly confidential & anonymous
  • Interdisciplinary
  • With or without appointment
  • Strict data protection
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